About us

Nani Makani - a gentle breeze
for a fashionable effect

NANI MAKANI is Hawaiian and means - "beautiful wind".
It is precisely this wonderful wind that we have designed for you with our fans.

Vacation in Hawaii, a cold glass of white wine on a Mallorcan terrace or a fashion show in Paris ...

Everything seems perfect - but who doesn't miss a light, fresh breeze on your face in these moments.

It is not uncommon for us to use menus, handkerchiefs or similar everyday items to get them.

How pleasant it would be to hold an accessory in your hand that, in addition to a beautiful wind, would also have a fashionable WOW effect.

We have created an accessory that scores with an appealing design PLUS a direct use in everyday life at events and when traveling.

Treat yourself and your outfit to an attractive upgrade with our Nani Makani and, in addition to the WOW effect, enjoy the admiring glances of your surroundings.

In addition to a high-quality selection of materials and excellent, handcrafted workmanship, you can expect imaginative designs, perfectly matched to your favorite outfit.

Enjoy your personal "Gentle Breeze"!

Your Nani Makani team