Welcome to the Nani Makani Ohana

(Hawaiian for friends and family)

Nani Nani Makani is Hawaiian and translated means it "beautiful wind".

The idea came about during a vacation in Hawaii, and the melodious name stands as a poetic homage to the starting point of this journey.

It also reflects the casual and colorful style of the Hawaiian islands. 

We reinterpret the fan and create a wonderful must-have accessory for fashion fans with modern, colorful designs.

Our company focuses on a high-quality selection of materials, handmade processing "Made in Germany" and environmentally friendly, recyclable products.

Our frames are made of certified precious water buffalo horn, finely polished and very exclusive.


With talented designers and illustrators we realize our vision.

Whether floral patterns, pop art or animal prints - the colorful designs of the label such as "Emily", "Costa Rica" or "Ohana" are handmade in limited editions and transmit joie de vivre, coupled with the fun of creativity and luxury.

The unique, patented shape of the fans fits perfectly in the hand and provides a stable, fresh breeze. To enhance its everyday practicality, the Nani Makani fan comes with a box and matching cover so it can be safely carried in any handbag or business bag.


Sustainability is our responsibility

If you no longer like your Nani Makani fan, feel free to send it back.

We will then use the frame for another design, because a responsible use of resources, the exclusion of mass-produced goods and production locations in the region - these are the challenges that our team manages and lives.

You acquire a "Unique Product", which in its uniqueness represents a small work of art and gives its owner the good feeling to have made the right decision for your personal Fashionable Gentle Breeze.


Noho me ka hau’oli
(Be happy)



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